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Modern internal doors

Original white doors, fully fitted door 2

SEVILLE internal doors

Known for its large number of orange trees, the capital of Andalusia is the cradle of passionate and fiery flamenco. Andalusian folklore, expressed not only in dance but also in music, song, dress and its people’s behaviour, proves the complexity of human nature, filled with spiritedness that must find the way to be released. Our original wooden door, Seville, is a fusion of subtle, delicate lines that together create a whole harmonious piece. Whereas, light hitting the white door’s surface at different angles causes an appearance of some figures, what can come as a surprise.

White colour classic internal doors – interior door to size 2

MALAGA internal doors

Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful city in Spain, where the famous Pablo Picasso was born? On the same note – who would pass by indifferently, without noticing, our lovely internal doors, named in honour of Malaga, famous for its stunning architecture? This is the region that appreciates bright colours, and the best examples of that are the white towns of Andalusia in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz. We are too very fond of a white colour and our classic internal doors, available for You to purchase, are the best proof of that.

Beautiful white internal doors to measure 2

GRANADA internal doors

The design of this model of our beautiful, white internal doors with lines creating herringbone pattern, with no surprise brings to mind architectural style of old castles and fortresses. After all, in the late Middle Ages Granada was the centre of the last Muslim state on the Iberian Peninsula, what got imprinted forever in the atmosphere and the relics of this city. The Spanish proverb says, ‘Who did not see Granada, did not see anything at all.’ In our informed opinion this is also true in reference to our oak doors – who won’t decide to order our intricately made classic doors will lose a lot.

Bespoke doors – black or white doors made to measure 2

CADIZ internal doors

The simplicity of these white internal doors, named in honour of the oldest city in Western Spain, makes them quintessentially elegant in a classic way. Spanish Cadiz is called ‘The City That Smiles’, we however, take what we do very seriously. Nevertheless, our professional approach to the process of creation doesn’t mean that our wooden doors do not bring joy. When delivering our bespoke doors to our Customers – we always smile. It comes easy to us, because we know we’re delivering something that we are deeply proud of and what will stay in our Customers’ lives for many years.

White doors – good fitted door 2

LUGO internal doors

Someone once said that beauty lies in simplicity and we also, in selected models of our made-to-order doors strictly follow this rule. We like to take good care of our customers and allow them to choose something unique, what would best suit their taste. This is why, this model of our white doors was named after the Galician city in Spain, which is surrounded by the well-preserved, protective city walls, fortifications dating back to the Roman times. Our beautiful in its simplicity wooden door Lugo is the offer for those who are inclined towards modern trends.

Made to measure doors, internal fully fitted door 2

BILBAO internal doors

Our white wooden door, in this unostentatious model, was inspired by a beautiful city in the Basque Country, which in an interesting way combines history with the present. The most distinctive symbol of this city is the Guggenheim Museum – its unusual, curvy, titanium-clad building will no doubt delight all fans of modern architecture. We also remember about the enthusiasts of modern design. Our wooden doors, adorned with delicate lines and with a simple handle, make an unostentatious whole which is as elegant, as it’s light.

Custom made bespoke doors – internal / interior door 2

MADRID internal doors

This Spanish city, full of charm and character, is not only the highest situated European capital city, but also one of the oldest cities of the Old Continent. We also always aim high to deliver to our Customers the most beautiful and elaborately made bespoke doors. Tourists visiting Madrid enthusiastically absorb exceptional atmosphere of this wonderful city. Our charming white internal doors, being the accomplished result of our efforts, will surely delight all who chose them to decorate their interiors.

Custom internal doors to size (modern doors) 2

CORDOBA internal doors

This region in Andalusia, with the capital sharing its name, is a true treasure trove of medieval Muslim culture that left its mark there, on the European continent. The interpenetration of cultures has created a new quality, giving the place its unique character, which is a source of delight for all the visitors. The beauty and uniqueness of this place influenced our design of these wooden internal doors adorned with straight lines of rectangles, which together make an interesting visual combination. Do you need a custom size door? We’ll make it to measure, to fit any requirements.

Modern made to measure internal doors 2

TOLEDO internal doors

This city, located in the richest in historic sites and monuments region of Spain, is listed on the World Heritage List as is known as ‘The City of Three Cultures’. This is because of the centuries-old coexistence in this area of three religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Toledo, a historic jewel, is also called a ‘Museum City’ and invites tourists to wander in the maze of its charming, narrow streets. The wide selection of our various models of wooden doors clearly lists all the examples to assure you’re clear with your choice and that all your requirements are taken into consideration. The only ‘mix-up’ you can expect here is a combination of great materials and an excellence of our enthusiastically performed workmanship. We put our hearts into all we do and our white internal doors are a firm proof of that.

Custom doors – internal made to measure door 2

SARAGOSSA internal doors

This gorgeous city on the Ebro River charms continuously, day and night. Going on an evening stroll you can admire the beautifully lit multiple domes of the Nuestra Senora del Pilar basilica, which is a famous pilgrimage site and the largest baroque church in Spain. This astounding example of sacral architecture makes you realize that it is possible to achieve great things and thanks to the right knowledge, charisma and hard work humans are capable of truly extraordinary achievements. In our workshop, we also make extraordinary products, which are available for you to order. Whether it’s a mahogany door or a classic internal door – artistry of our workmanship.

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