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Five & more panel wooden internal doors

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COLOGNE wooden internal doors

Although the main symbol of this city spanning the Rhine River is the monumental Gothic cathedral, this beautiful building is not the only reason why Cologne is visited by many tourists every year. The biggest carnival in Germany, which starts here on November 11 at 11:11 is the best proof that Cologne residents can effectively share their Rhenish good humour and cheer. Wooden doors created with passion and joy is an indispensable element of creating any new, beautiful interiors. Whether mahogany doors, oak doors or MDF doors – choosing our woodwork will always bring You satisfaction and joy.

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STUTTGART wooden internal doors

This uniquely rich in innovative ideas city can pride itself on the highest number of patents registered in Germany. This is probably due to the fact, that the whole region is teeming with variety of research, academic and scientific institutions. There is the largest number of them there in the whole country. We also have a license to produce exceptional items such as excellent classic doors to order or white internal doors. Like Stuttgart, we constantly keep evolving, because we know that innovativeness is the direction we’d like our Customers see us heading.

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ULM wooden internal doors

Situated on the River Danube, this university city has the oldest constitution ever given to a German city. However, this is not the only interesting fact Ulm can be proud of – the city also has a famous Gothic cathedral with a spire measuring over 160 meters, what makes it the highest in the world. Contacting us and choosing our mahogany doors or our classic internal doors, will also make you feel very special. Our company has a deepest respect for its Customers and is devoted to always offer them the very best.

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CAMBRIDGE wooden internal doors

This world-famous university city is undeniably the kingdom of knowledge, where belief in the power of human mind is greatly respected. The qualities this city represents is something we truly understand and can identify with. We also, from the very start of our project ‘The Wooden Door’, got involved in the process of intense learning. We’ve been acquiring the knowledge and mastering our skills over many years and we have learned a lot – now, we are very proud of our experience and capabilities. The classic wooden door reflects our passion for what we do and shows the excellence of our workmanship, based on thorough knowledge and experience.

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BRISTOL wooden internal doors

Apart from being the sunniest and the warmest city in the UK, Bristol proudly has over one hundred highest rated historic landmarks and monuments. Our made-to-order doors also fall into the highest category in the wooden internal door segment, reflecting all our professional knowledge, passion and aesthetic sense. Just like in Bristol’s most distinctive landmark – the Clifton Suspension Bridge – solidity of our woodwork will assure its flawless performance for years to come. Bristol, known for holding science and culture in high regard, inspires us to combine in our wooden doors what’s traditional and classic with the most up-to-date technology.

Classic doors to size - mahonia and oak / white wood door

One panel doors

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Two panel doors

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Three panel doors

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Four panel doors

Interior doors – timber mahogany or oak, wood doors

Five & more panel doors

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