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Four panel wooden internal doors

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PADUA wooden internal doors

The world-famous University of Padua has educated such distinguished discoverers as Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus, and well earned its reputation of a vibrant centre of science. The abundance of countless, beautiful historic sites charms visitors at every turn. And it's not just because of the incredible sacral architecture or the many charming water canals, but also thanks to the beautiful, well-maintained, green public spaces. We also realize, that the top-of-the-range product – like our bespoke internal door – is a combination of many factors. It’s not just knowledge and good material, but also meticulous, expert workmanship. All these elements are reflected in our white internal doors, which are a great representation of our professional mastership.

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VENICE wooden internal doors

Many historic sites and monuments of this city, one of the most popular with tourists, come from the time of the greatest flourishing of the Republic of Venice – which means the period from the 13th up to the 16th century. Comprised of the unique set of buildings, canals and bridges Venice takes a very high place on the World Heritage List. The romantic atmosphere of this charming city attracts many lovers, who appreciate its unique aura created by a maze of beautiful, narrow streets and delightful night illuminations of many squares and bridges. We also love being surrounded by beauty and appreciate how important it is in human life. This is why our oak internal doors are made with consideration of being a part of something very special – ideally, your home, where our made-to-order doors will keep bringing you joy.

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CATANIA wooden internal doors

This charming, full of wonderful, ancient architecture Sicilian port city, sits at the foot of Mount Etna. The volcano had been repeatedly showing its ugly face to the inhabitants of this beautiful place, but they had always managed to bounce back from troubles. The buildings surrounding volcano, darken by the volcanic dust have not lost their charm but instead have acquired certain mysterious and magical look. Nature can’t be tamed, but you can try to live with her in friendship. This is exactly what we do looking for the best raw materials for our wooden doors. We respect what nature gives us and we always try our best to turn her gifts into something special. By creating our classic doors for You, we want to bring beauty to your every day.

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PALERMO wooden internal doors

This city, founded in antiquity as the Phoenician colony, called the cultural and economic capital of Sicily is difficult to describe unambiguously. On the one hand we find here many beautiful historic sites and monuments of ancient civilizations, on the other – we can see lots of negligence and lack of aesthetics. However, this discordant at the first glance combination gives the city certain uniqueness and genuineness. Our custom-made wooden doors are always made with great skill and careful attention to detail, but we also take great care to stay credible. You’ll be convinced of it at every stage of cooperation with us, when ordering external doors or classic, white woodwork to give your interiors unique character.

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ANCONA wooden internal doors

This Italian city, situated on the picturesque Adriatic coast, is an important trade port and tourist centre with its history dating back to the ancient times. The amazing atmosphere of this city is created by the breath-taking see views and many valuable historic sites, reminding about the rich history of this place. They would not have been there if it wasn’t for the dedication, hard work and desire to leave a beautiful legacy. Our wooden doors are also created with desire to produce something outstanding what will retain its charm, functionality and aesthetics for many years. Our bespoke internal doors have all these qualities.

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Four panel doors

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