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Three panel wooden internal doors

Stylish wooden doors – oak interior / internal doors 2

ROME wooden internal doors

The Eternal City’s history is written in its countless historic sites and monuments from antiquity and the Middle Ages, where traces of many generations are still present. While designing our classic doors we also take into consideration the longevity of our product and its durability. We choose the best material, we design the form, we carefully devise all the details to finally begin the process of creation. There are places on earth which, like Rome, emanate extraordinary beauty. Our stylish, wooden doors also emanate unique charm, what makes it a pleasure to have them in your home.

Classic internal doors - interior mahogany or oak wood doors 2

MILAN wooden internal doors

This fashion capital of the world dictates the latest trends in clothing design, but it’s also the financial and economic centre of Italy. It’s good to know the current fashion trends, but only with the right business and human resources you can successfully turn a good idea into a prosperous venture. Our employees can accurately estimate our customers’ needs to provide bespoke doors, exactly matching their expectations. All the beautiful places we visit inspire us in our creation of unique products for our customers. Classic internal doors are our pride, yet we don’t rest on our laurels, but keep constantly watching new trends and keep working on a new style and design.

Interior doors - oak internal doors to size 2

FLORENCE wooden internal doors

The capital of charming and magical Tuscany encapsulates all that is best about Italy. Wonderful architecture, delicious cuisine and incredible atmosphere of this place attracts thousands of tourists visiting Florence every year. Our human sensitivity induces the need in us to be surrounded by beauty, and we can always spot when it’s real. Our respect to You and our love of beauty are the foundations of creating our interior doors. Simple lines, best materials and timeless elegance are trademarks of our carpentry. White internal doors seduce with its style and will perfectly complete many different interiors.

Classic doors to size - mahonia and oak / white wood door

One panel doors

Oak interior doors - wooden internal doors to measure, bespoke oak interior doors, classic door

Two panel doors

Fitted doors made to measure, oak doors – interior

Three panel doors

Custom oak doors - fitted doors wooden interior / internal doors

Four panel doors

Interior doors – timber mahogany or oak, wood doors

Five & more panel doors

Wood internal white doors to size - bespoke modern interior doors

Modern doors

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