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Two panel wooden internal doors

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ZURICH wooden internal doors

This model of our classic door was named in honour of the main economic centre of Switzerland and the world-renowned financial centre. When making an investment, you want to be sure that you have chosen well. And you can be certain of that, when choosing our oak internal doors. The excellence of our craftsmanship and the knowledge we have accumulated over the years of experience allow us to create products not only beautiful but also robust. We can assure you that your trust in us won’t disappoint and will prove to be a great investment.

Beautiful made to measure internal oak doors - fitted interior doors 2

LUCERNE wooden internal doors

A longitudinal coffer in the upper part and a little smaller in the lower one, are the classic design elements used in our white internal doors, named after a beautiful and picturesque Swiss holiday resort. Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, Lucerne is called the gateway to Central Switzerland although, while there, you feel the urge to never leave and stay there forever. We are certain, that once you see our beautiful oak internal doors you will also be instantly convinced to never order any other.

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BERN wooden internal doors

Two narrow coffers that decorate our refined internal doors, slim and sharp, bring to mind the biggest church not only in Bern, but in the whole Switzerland – the beautiful cathedral with the neo-Gothic tower, which is the highest in the country. Although, formally, Switzerland has no capital, it is Bern that takes on all the capital related duties. This ambiguity isn’t anything extraordinary in Bern – after all, it was here that Albert Einstein formulated his theory of relativity. However, the quality of our made-to-order doors is completely certain and unambiguous, and you can easily find it out by buying our products.

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Two panel doors

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