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One panel wooden internal doors

White wooden internal doors - fitted doors made to measure 2

LONDON wooden internal doors

Multidimensional London, mesmerising with its countless cultural and entertainment offerings continues to attract crowds of tourists. Thanks to the incomers from many parts of the world, the capital of Great Britain gains its unique, multinational vibe. There are also many Londoners living in this city for many generations, the indigenous Londoners who love and respect the long and rich history of their beloved city. This is why our magnificent white, wooden, internal doors with their elegant simplicity and classic design were created with people who value tradition in mind. When a busy day on hectic streets of London ends, it’s nice to retire to the comfort of your home, to close oak bedroom door and get a proper rest before another day in this busy metropolis.

Oak internal doors - wooden interior doors 2

YORK wooden internal doors

In this northern English city there are many traces of Roman past and many historic remnants of almost one hundred years when Vikings ruled in this area. York, mainly known for its historical architecture is also famous for its large number of pubs. The richness of this impressive offer allows for a visit to a different pub every single day for a year. In this catalogue there are fewer, than the number of pubs in York, models of oak internal doors, but every single one of them has been made to perfection. Just like this charming, classic door York – an exceptional, stylish addition to the interior of your house or apartment.

Internal timber wooden doors - custom doors fitted 2

GLASGOW wooden internal doors

Glass is often used as an original filling for the wings of our classic, internal doors. An example of this design is the oak door, named after the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow was originally a small farming village on the River Clyde, and after years of growth and development became the largest seaport in the United Kingdom. We have also been gathering experience for many years to be able to offer You the best, fully developed product. Our exquisite wooden doors are the best proof of a successful accomplishment of this process.

Classic doors to size - mahonia and oak / white wood door

One panel doors

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Two panel doors

Fitted doors made to measure, oak doors – interior

Three panel doors

Custom oak doors - fitted doors wooden interior / internal doors

Four panel doors

Interior doors – timber mahogany or oak, wood doors

Five & more panel doors

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